An afternoon with Lana Kington

Some time (a long time) ago, my friend Lana called me up for an impromptu photo shoot. She'd be embarrassed if I told you what the shoot was for, so I'll spare the details, but none of the photos you'll see below ended up getting a run. Oh well... my mum likes them at least.

Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_1
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_2
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_3
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_4

If Lana looks familiar, you may recognise her as one third of YouTube sensations, SketchShe. I've lost count of how many billions of views they've had so far, but make sure you check out the SketchShe Facebook page and Lana Kington's Instagram if you think she looks funky. Yes, I actually just typed 'funky'.

The journey is not the reward: my new website

You'll hear many people preaching that it's not the destination but the journey that is the true reward. I'd like to refute this blanket statement and say that the journey I embarked on months ago travelling to the destination of website completion is not one I'd recommend to even the hardiest of digital travellers.

Building this website took an inordinately long time, drawn out by my distinct inability sit still and focus on the task at hand. The end product may seem basic, simple or boring to you, but for me it represents a triumph over my seemingly interminable dilly-dallying demeanour.

The struggle was real, but I'm happy to welcome you to the fruits of my labour.

Navigating the website

I've chosen a layout hallmarked by its simplicity. I wanted something that put my work front and centre, highlighting the breadth of people, places and scenarios I like to shoot. You'll find my favourite images on the 'homepage', but it shouldn't be hard to navigate to more specific collections.

My galleries

Situated in the drop down 'galleries' menu, you'll find a bunch of portfolio collections and more cohesively organised photo essays. I've collated each gallery in accordance with the locations of the featured photos, and at the moment have included sections for Australia, India, Sumbawa and New Zealand. I'll undoubtedly add more galleries in the not too distant future - perhaps not just informed by their locations - so watch that space!

You can find this picture of my friend Ryan exploring in the Australia gallery.

The blog

Well you're kinda reading the blog right now, so there's probably no need to tell you what this section is about. In terms of the big picture though, I can tell you I'll be using this blog to document travels, showcase sporadic photo essays, share the work of others that inspires me and maybe share some internal thoughts on photography as a discipline.

Getting in touch with me

I'm not one for ostentatious, over-glamourised third-person biographies, which I hope is clear to see in the 'contact' section of the website. Head to this section if you want to praise or berate me, or if you want to get in touch about ordering prints of my work. Alternatively, you can hit me up on social media. Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to start with, or click on the icons on the right for my other channels.

You'd jump for joy too if you'd just finished completing your website.

You'd jump for joy too if you'd just finished completing your website.

Whether you're a close friend or someone who's just stumbled on my website by chance, I hope you can stick with me on my photographic journey. I can assure you it'll be a lot more fun than the website development journey I just finished!