An afternoon with Lana Kington

Some time (a long time) ago, my friend Lana called me up for an impromptu photo shoot. She'd be embarrassed if I told you what the shoot was for, so I'll spare the details, but none of the photos you'll see below ended up getting a run. Oh well... my mum likes them at least.

Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_1
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_2
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_3
Will Salkeld©_Lana Kington_4

If Lana looks familiar, you may recognise her as one third of YouTube sensations, SketchShe. I've lost count of how many billions of views they've had so far, but make sure you check out the SketchShe Facebook page and Lana Kington's Instagram if you think she looks funky. Yes, I actually just typed 'funky'.